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Fast Development with Great Results

We use the fastest software development method known, ​Lean Software. It is also the best way to understand and deliver what you want. At every step, you get tested and working software as soon as possible.

We provide enhancements and tests based on your priorities. All feedback from you is extremely welcome. In fact, frequent enhancement-test-feedback cycles is the only way to deliver what you want fast.

The first version is just enough to run automated tests and start your feedback. Then we enhance it based on your feedback until the software delivers what you want. After each loop through the feedback-enhancement-test cycle, you always have tested software that works.

State of the Art Technology

Your software software is built with the best tools available: linux / debian / python / django / wagtail / uwsgi / nginx. It's all free and open source software. Every tool earned its top reputation without a massive marketing campaign.

Linux is the most respected operating system for developers. Debian is the version of linux where almost all packages are developed. Django is the most advanced and scalable web platform available.

Wagtail has emerged as the Content Management System (CMS) chosen by the most demanding users such as NASA, Google, and MIT. With Wagtail anyone can add and edit content on your site visually. You don't need to know HTML. Wagtail also includes the very popular and responsive CSS library, Bootstrap. You get quick development, a reliable well supported frontend and backend, with the easy maintainability of Python. We have been building websites with these tools for years.

Of course, we are also comfortable with older technology such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. But if your website is built with outdated tech, we are very concerned that you will not be happy. We give you the best of current technology, based on ​Wagtail, ​Bootstrap, ​Django, and ​Python.

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What you get with TopDevPros

Tested software fast

Every member of our small team has at least 12 years of wide and deep experience in full stack software development. That means you get the deeply compelling software you want, using the latest technology, fast.

There's not much we can't do for you, from data engineering to highly reliable multiprocessing. Our successful projects include fintech, system architecture, security, and much more.

We love to exceed your expectations

Our goal is to build software that you really want as fast as possible. So you get the fastest known development process is Lean Software.

How does Lean Software work?

It starts with a Minimum Viable Product. The MVP is the smallest product that could possibly get useful feedback. Then feedback-enhancement-test cycles start. You get tested and working software as fast as possible. Each cycle is short, usually from just a few days to a couple of weeks.

We eagerly adopt the best new technology.

For example, we've found Brython is a superb replacement for the aging javascript/jquery/react family. Now front end developers get the development speed and maintainability of python. Wagtail has emerged as the CMS chosen by NASA, Google, MIT, and us.

You get tested state-of-the-art software that works -- fast.

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