Why do you need a well tested web site?

Sales, reputation, and reliability.

Automated testing lets you fix bugs before your customers see them. Bugs lose sales. Every sale you save makes you more money.

Today people expect a nearly bug free site. Anything less can ruin your reputation fast.

And of course, your site is far more likely to work well if you test.

Get great tests for your site

Without thorough testing, you can't know what works and what doesn't. Live tests are by far the most critical tests you can do. They access your web site through a browser, just like people. Get fully automated live tests. Don't rely on hand testing or user reports. Automated tests are cheaper, faster, and much more thorough.

Update your site with confidence

When you make a change, run your tests. You quickly know that everything is fine, or what needs work. You can rerun your tests anytime.

What's the stack?

The stack is your site's software architecture, from the server hardware all the way through what the user sees. If we build your site, you get the best free open source foundation available. If you already have a site, we can work with it. We're flexible.

How do you test web sites?

With multi-level automated tests:

If you have enough web site traffic, A/B tests can make you a lot more money. They test your marketing, not your code. You present different marketing elements and strategies at the same time to different live customers. You don't have to guess which option works best. You test and know. You keep the choice that makes the most money for you and discard the losers. Repeat the process to continuously grow revenue.

Live automated tests access your site through the browser, just like people do.

They tell you whether your site works. They're by far the most critical tests you can do. Because the testing is automated, it gets done. You get a detailed report when anything goes wrong. Live tests are sometimes called functional tests.

A unit test runs a small part of your code and checks the results. They can catch bugs that live tests don't. Ideally all your code is covered by unit tests.

A special program scans all your code for errors without running it. You don't have to write static tests. Static tests can take less than a minute, so it doesn't make sense to skip them.

When do I need to test?

Whenever your web site needs to work. It's best to run your tests every time you update your site. That way you know that everything you test still works.

What is test coverage?

Test coverage measures how much of your code is tested. Bugs tend to hide where you haven't tested. With good test coverage, you can find them before your customer does.