Multiprocessing App

Recently, the TopDevPros team completed a super-app of many smaller apps: TopArb Trader. It's a single app that includes all the functionality an arbitrage trader needs. We handled it all: management, architecture, development, testing, plus support for years.

Before Trader you needed separate apps to track:

  • All the candidate exchanges
  • What currencies each exchange offers
  • The buy and sell prices of the currencies
  • In what currencies the prices are quoted

Then to make your trade, you needed more apps to:

  • Sort through the offers to find the best buy and sell prices for each tracked currency
  • Place your buy order on one exchange, using that exchange's API
  • Watch until your order is executed and you have the currency you bought
  • Place your sell order on another exchange, using that exchange's different API
  • Watch until your sell order is executed and you have your profit

TopArb Trader automates all these steps. It currently tracks and lets you trade on 187 exchanges, using a single app.

The TopDevPros team did it all. We understand multiprocessing well and can get the best out of your hardware. You might be surprised at how efficient your systems become.


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